Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get ready for DB2 X SPEED is the new buzz around the world.

So DB2 for z/OS leads the race in RDBMS category with announcement of beta version of DB2 10 or DB2 X on 9th, February 2010.

Here are some major points in DB2 X for z/OS

1) This version gives you the best CPU reductions for transactions and batches (i.e. saving more money)

2) Second major benefit is Scalability (Enhanced query parallelism)

3) More on demand enhancement improves availability (more online changes for Data definitions, utilities and Subsystem)

4) DBAs will be happy to find improved database performance, scalability, and availability

5) Reduced memory management,  so growth is much simpler (10 times more users by avoiding memory constraints)

6) To support regulatory compliance, DBA to get more flexible security (More granularity)

7) Warehousing continues to evolve, with key trends matching System z and DB2 for z/OS strengths of performance, scalability, reliability, stability, availability, resilience, and security (On the fly Data compression)

8) SQL, pureXML, and web services extend usability and application portability for this platform

9) More concurrency for Catalog, Utilities and SQL

10) Improved productivity for Database admin, System admin and application programmers

Prakash C Singh
IBM Certified Database Administrator