Saturday, August 29, 2009

Permission Required for DB2 Subsystem

All of us must have known that we require different level of access for different objects in the database. But did you think what is the access required to connect to a DB2 subsystem. What I am saying here is; you need to have permission to connect to a DB2 subsystem first and then you need second level of privileges to access different objects in the database.

Here all that are happening when an ID is tried to access any table.
1) RACF verifies whether this ID is authorized for DB2 resources.
2) There is a resource class for DB2 called DSNR which is contained in the RACF descriptor table.
3) There should be a profile defined as a member of class DSNR.
4) The ID or the group contains this ID should be included in the profile.
5) If the ID is included, then the thread is connected to DB2 Subsystem
6) Once connected to DB2, it checks in catalog tables to verify the intended access.

Following commands can be executed by RACF admin to let the user run batch jobs:
For taking away the access:

This can be done through RACF pannels too...

Prakash C. Singh
IBM Certified DB2 DBA

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