Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tape backup File not found for DSN1COPY job


Here is one of the common problems that many of you might have faced.

Problem: One of your development guys ask to restore the table to a old backup image. Now you got the tape file name from the SYSIBM.SYSCOPY, but when you put this file name in 3.4, you are not able to find the file. This is just a JCL problem rather than a Database problem.


You can still use this file (like in job for DSN1COPY), if it is not overwritten by any other job. You cannot find this file as this might have uncatalogued by the policy you have in your system. You can use this file by providing additional information in JCL DD statement.

The additional information are:
1) Unit info
2) VOLUME Serial Number
3) File sequence number i.e LEBEL parameter

Now get your job done!!!

Prakash C Singh
IBM Certified Database Administrator


Subhendu Mishra said...
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Subhendu Mishra said...

This is general catlouge issue. As the dataset is not any more in the catloge, you have to specify all the attributes (like volune mane , etc..)to help the system find the dataset for you. Infact this solution can be applied in many other scenarios.