Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fileaid for DB2 Setup Error - FDBA623 CAF error 00F30034


There are certain times after installation of Fileaid for DB2, users get this kind of error.

"FDBA623 CAF error 00F30034 - Plan name unauthorized."

Normally as part of installation/upgrade of Fileaid for DB2, DBA does the bind of the new plan.

As a security measure, DB2 does not allow the users to allow the access to the plan unless Execute privilege is granted to it explicitly.

Hence if the DBA forgets to grant Execute privilege, the uses will get the message like "FDBA623 CAF error 00F30034 - Plan name unauthorized." when one tries to connect to fileaid for DB2.

As a best practice for DBA, it is recommended that as soon as the bind finishes, he should give the require privileges to the users.

In this Example Granting Execute privilege for plan FDPN610 and FDOM610 to Public could have avoided the error message mentioned in subject line.

Prakash C Singh
IBM Certified DB2 DBA

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